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Construction Situation of Highway of Chongming-Qidong Bridge

Shanghai Municipal Information Office held a press conference on the Highway of Chongming-Qidong Bridge construction progress on Dec 15. These are highlights of the press conference.

Dai Xiaojian, Secretary-General of Shanghai Municipal Urban and Rural Construction and Transportation Commission Zhang Guokun: Vice Director of Chongming County Han Jinhua: Vice General Manager of Shanghai Urban Construction and Investment Corporation

Wenhui Daily:I have two questions for Mr. Dai. First, would you please briefly introduce the rules of the bridge charges? Second, when will it formally open up for traffic?

Dai Xiaojian:The charge of Chongming-Qidong Bridge will follow the basic unit price of Shanghai’s charge standard for highways, which is 0.6 yuan per kilometer. The plan is still awaiting approval from authorities. The formal opening to traffic will be in late December. Since the highway is connected to Jiangsu Province, we are now coordinating with Jiangsu Province under the guidance of the Ministry of Transportation.

First Financial Daily:I have two questions for Mr. Zhang. What will become the focus of Chongming County in economic cooperation and other fields in the future? Is there any project that has been contracted or presently under discussion? Second, it was just mentioned that the coordinated cooperation would be stressed in the one-hour economic circle to avoid market segmentation and regional protectionism in the regional economy. Is there any regulation or law already issued to avoid such a situation?

Zhang Guokun:Chongming County includes Chongming Island, Hengsha Island and Changxing Island. In the general plan, Chongming Island is a comprehensive ecological island, as all the construction projects are authenticated by the most scientific and careful experts in the strictest environmental examinations. Changxing Island is our oceanic equipment island and Hengsha Island will be a leisure and tourism island. Therefore, judged from our traditional industrial distribution, Changxing Island will be one of the priorities of Chongming’s entire development. Now, Changxing Island has become a national shipping export base and the new manufacturing industrial demonstration base of the Ministry of Industry and Information, as its service range has probably surpassed the one-hour economic circle. According to current plans it will become a leading area in this field and also the biggest oceanic equipment base all over the world when it’s completely established. In the future, except Waigaoqiao factory, all the other shipbuilding factories of China State Shipbuilding Corporation will be located in Changxing Island, and the important bases of Zhenhua will also be in Changxing. Therefore, its development will also promote the development of other regions. So I don’t think there will be regional protectionism in the economy.

Laodong Daily:I have a question for Mr. Dai. After the opening of the Chongming-Qidong Highway, how will it influence the Chongming Bridge and Tunnel across the Yangtze River and the city’s traffic network?

Dai Xiaojian:Chongming-Qidong Highway is a state-level highway as well as the only highway from Shanghai toward the north. We estimate that its opening to traffic will increase traffic through the tunnel gradually, and there will be more trucks and other vehicles. But there will not be a great pressure for the tunnel because its designed daily flow is 60,000 vehicles, while now it is only 20,000. However, we think the pressure might be displayed on the traffic network to the city center, especially the cross-river facilities of the Huangpu River such as Xiangying Road Tunnel. Therefore, the municipal government will make more efforts to develop the traffic network around the Huangpu River, including the cross-river tunnel of Changjiang Road W. and another road along the river in the northern part of G1501.

Shanghai Broadcasting Radio:I have a detailed question for Mr. Han. It was just mentioned that there will be more trucks and other vehicles passing through the Chongming-Qidong Highway, and is there any limitation or regulation against overloaded vehicles and dangerous materials transportation? Besides, the Chongming Bridge and Tunnel across the Yangtze River is closed if the wind level is beyond Force 8. Is there some similar regulation for Chongming-Qidong Highway?

Han Jinhua:It is also a problem that concerns our municipal authority and our construction company a lot. On the aspect of the highway, we actually don’t have a very clear limitation for overloaded vehicles or vehicles with dangerous materials so far. But we do have strict limitations for such situations for passing through the tunnel across the Yangtze River. Now, we have coordinated with Jiangsu Provincial Government, and we agree that we will have a few toll stations to interrupt overloaded vehicles or those carrying dangerous materials. In terms of bad weather during operation, the Chongming Bridge and Tunnel across the Yangtze River has its own prediction system for wind levels. We will definitely close the bridge and tunnel if the wind level is higher than Force 10, such as what happened in October. Actually we will cooperate with Jiangsu authorities and carry out a series of measures to ensure safety.

Shanghai Morning Post:After the Chongming-Qidong Highway is opened, is there any plan to open long-distance public transport lines between the two places?

Zhang Guokun:We plan to open 17 inter-provincial long-distance public transport lines, running from Shanghai to Jiangsu, Anhui and Shandong provinces.