The nationwide emergence of the spokesperson system at the local government level will establish a standard procedure for the release of government information and has demonstrated China's determination to increase transparency in its government operations.

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Importer Fee Plan To Tackle Oil Spills

The Shanghai Marine Safety Administration has applied to the State Council to set up a marine pollution fund to pay compensation for pollution resulting from crude oil leaks. It will collect fees from crude importers based on the volume of imports.

Chen Xiaoguang, vice chairman of Shanghai Marine Safety Administration, said the bureau will seek advice from the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund Committee to learn how to draft China's own compensation regulations. The plan for a marine pollution fund comes after oil spills in the Bohai Bay by United States oil company ConocoPhillips earlier this year. Two oil spills at Penglai 19-3 field released approximately 700 barrels of oil into the sea and 2,500 barrels of mineral oil-based drilling mud on to the seabed.

Regulations about the management and use of the fund will be released once approved by the State Council, Chen said. The center to oversee the fund is expected to be set up in Shanghai.