Notice of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and Shanghai Municipal Finance BureauRegarding the Extension of the Deadline of Shanghai’s Temporary Reduction and Exemption of Corporate Contributionsto Social Insurance Funds 2020-07-03

  SMHRSS 〔2020〕 No. 14

  To the People's Governments of all districts of Shanghai Municipality, all committees, offices, bureaus and administrations of Shanghai Municipal Government, the Municipal Social Insurance Administration Center, and the Municipal Employment Promotion Center:

  In order to implement the decisions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, further help enterprises, especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, address risks and overcome difficulties, and relieve the burden on insured enterprises and low-income individuals this year, according to the "Notice of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation on Extending the Implementation Deadline for Temporary Reduction and Exemption of Contributions by Enterprises to Social Insurance Funds" (MOHRSS 〔2020〕 No. 49), the Municipal People's Government of Shanghai has decided to extend the deadline for temporary reduction and exemption of contributions by enterprises in Shanghai to the basic pension insurance, the unemployment insurance, and work-related injury insurance (collectively called "social insurances").

  Notice is hereby given as follows:

  1. The deadline for exempting micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises from contributions to social insurances will be extended until the end of December 2020; the policy of halving the contributions by large enterprises and other insured employers (excluding government agencies and public institutions) will be extended until the end of June 2020.

  Engineering projects started during the reduction or exemption period, in accordance with the "Notice on the Implementation of Temporary Reduction and Exemption of Contributions to Work-related Injury Insurance for Engineering Projects in Shanghai Municipality" (SMHRSS 〔2020〕 No. 169) are eligible to reduction and exemption of contributions to work-related injury insurance, and the deadline of reduction or exemption shall follow the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

  2. Enterprises that have been seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic may defer their contributions to social insurance funds until the end of December 2020 in accordance with relevant regulations. Late payment interests will be exempted during the period of deferral.

  3. In 2020 (referring to the financial year for social insurance payments), the lower limit of the base for individual contributions to social insurances in Shanghai will follow the 2019 level, while the upper limit will be adjusted according to regulations.

  4. Individual business operators with employees who participate in social insurances as organizations shall continue to be eligible for reduction and exemption of contribution and deferral of payment with reference to policies for enterprises.

  5. Individual business operators who participate in the basic pension insurance as individuals and flexible employees who have real difficulties in paying basic pension insurance contributions in 2020 may defer their payments. Payments can be deferred until 2021, and the contribution period can be calculated cumulatively. Payments for months in 2020 can be made before the end of 2021, and the contribution base can be determined by the contributor within the upper and lower limits of the contribution base at the time of payment.

  General Offices of Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau& Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security

  June 30, 2020

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