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Shanghai aims for digital transformation by 2035


Shanghai has outlined its ambition of becoming an international capital for digitalization by 2035.

In the next five years, it aims to achieve preliminary results of a full digitalization transformation in urban development, according to an official plan unveiled by the Shanghai government yesterday.

The city will also set up a new model of urban governance for megacities for other cities and regions in the country.

Shanghai aspires to become a world-leading metropolis with digital infrastructure and a forerunner of the digital economy. It also aims to become an international hub for digital trade and an industry cluster for digital economies.

“Digital life shall become a new fashion with a further enhancement in quality and efficiency of public services so that a new paradigm will be set up where everybody enjoys a better digital life,” it said.

It will seek a holistic approach in digital transformation in terms of economy, daily life and city governance.

Digital infrastructure has played a crucial role during the pandemic such as tracking contacts of infected patients. Online shopping and delivery services also ensured the supply of everyday essentials.

Fixed broadband speeds amid the trend of working from home or remote working also made the city more resilient in the face of challenges brought by the pandemic.

The city will accelerate the transformation of all sectors, including manufacturing, scientific and technological research and development, financial services, commercial circulation, shipping logistics and agriculture.

At the same time, cross-departmental efforts will be made to offer a more convenient and smart digital public service scheme and to fulfill residents’ yearning for a higher quality of life.

The city aims to establish and optimize its urban data resource system to achieve decision-making, public services and social governance with higher precision.

Commercial companies will be encouraged to unleash their vitality to offer a wide range of new business models and services such as digitally-enabled commerce, entertainment, sports, travel and tourism.

Shanghai will also expedite the setting up of regional industry clusters for integrated circuits and artificial intelligence so that data will play a key part in the flow of capital, talent, technology and industry know-how.

Basic civil services like public health care, education and employment shall also be strengthened by bringing in more data capabilities.