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Stray cat island is 'purrfect' place for animal welfare


The city's first "stray cat island" opened to the public in Laogang Town, the Pudong New Area, on Sunday.

It is home to about 20 stray cats now but will accommodate between 200 and 300 in the future.

People are able to participate in interactive activities and even adopt the cats via "Our Pet" WeChat platform.

Some cats living on the island were abandoned.

"Away from urban hustle and bustle and vehicles, it provides a shelter for stray cats without the danger of hunger and disease," said Zha Zhenliang, who is involved in the city's stray cat management program.

"For people who want to adopt stray cats, they need to participate in our volunteer service to ensure they are fully aware of the situation of these cats and make sure they are suitable to provide a home for them," Zhe said. "It will prevent future abandonment."

The city's first stray cat management  and stray animal education base were unveiled at the same site.

At the base jointly founded by several social foundations and organizations, residents are able to learn about scientific feeding, disease control and prevention, the community Trap Neuter Release (TNR) plan for stray dogs and cats, adopt stray cats and participate in charity activities.

"The situation of stray cats is severe and there are many uncertain factors, which require various parties to get involved in the TNR process to control the growth of stray cats at communities," said Zha.

Covering 30 mu of land, the base on 3 Yulan Road also provides a home for pigs, goose, sheep, horse, fox and amphibious animals.

Meanwhile, eight retired police dogs are waiting for adoption, the Songjiang branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau unveiled at the event.

These include Labrador, Malinois, Rottweiler, Springer, German Shepherd and Doberman.

Shanghai's guide dog service base was unveiled at the same time. A variety of interactive activities will be held for residents to learn training, management and service for guide dogs.

Drug maker Boehringer Ingelheim inked a memorandum of understanding with Shanghai Yicai Flying Foundation during the event. They will jointly establish a cooperation platform on the prevention and control of rabies and promote the construction of rabies-free communities.

They will also contribute to the prevention and control of rabies in rural areas under the memorandum of understanding.

Shanghai records about 100,000 patients who seek treatment for rabies every year.

"The prevention and control of rabies requires scientific management, particularly on the management, monitoring and immunization of stray dogs," said Shen Yue.

Shen is deputy director of the animal husbandry and veterinary management department of the Shanghai Agriculture Commission.

"Enhancing vaccination of dogs will help prevent the spread of rabies from the root."

The aim is to create a healthy and harmonious pet-friendly city, said the city's spiritual civilization office.