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Minhang District unveils comprehensive transportation plan


Minhang District recently released Shanghai's first comprehensive transportation plan at the district level, adding six more rail transit lines and seven cross-river passages.

After the completion of the airport line, Jiamin Line, Line 13 west extension, phase 1 of Line 23, the Demonstration Zone Line, and Line 19, there will be a total of 17 rail transit lines, with 84 stations and a total length of 160 kilometers in Minhang District.

In terms of road transportation, Minhang will strengthen road service functions for key areas, such as Maqiao Artificial Intelligence Innovation Pilot Zone, to ease traffic pressure at critical intersections.

The shoreline between the Outer Ring Expressway and the first bend of the Huangpu River is about 13 kilometers long, with two cross-river passages already built (Xupu Bridge and Minpu Bridge) and one under construction (Yindu Road Cross-river Tunnel).

In the future, Minhang plans to have five east-west and four north-south cross-river passages.