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Cold weather challenges for Qingpu vegetable cooperatives


As the temperature continues to drop, in order to ensure a steady supply of vegetables, vegetable cooperatives in Huaxin Town of Qingpu District have taken measures to guarantee vegetable supply.

Despite the cold winds outside, the vegetables in the Laofulai Vegetable Cooperative in Xuzhong Village are still thriving in the warm greenhouse.

You Ruirui, the manager of the cooperative, said that in order to ensure that the growth of vegetables is not affected by the cold weather, farmers have taken a series of proactive measures to keep them warm. They have reinforced the old and damaged structure of the vegetable greenhouse and adopted a full ground film to enhance insulation for cooler weather.

In order to cope with the significant drop in temperature that may affect vegetable production, farmers are stepping up their harvest.

"To ensure that mature vegetables do not spoil, we open the greenhouse for ventilation during the day and harvest as soon as possible. At 5 o'clock in the afternoon, we close the film to keep the vegetables warm," You said.

The Laofulai vegetable base covers an area of 1,567 mu, with over 650 greenhouses and 500 mu of fields using green pest control technology.

Currently, the cooperative mainly plants 12 varieties of green leafy vegetables and harvests about 8 tons of vegetables per day.

As the weather gets colder, the supply from the cooperative can ensure a continuous supply of leafy vegetables until after the Spring Festival.