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Infineon's China logistics center upgraded for modernization


The Infineon customized project cooperation memorandum was signed in the office building of the Free Trade Zone Administration Bureau on Tuesday.

According to the agreement, Shanghai Pudong Modern Industrial Development Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Waigaoqiao Group, will customize high-quality property for Infineon's China logistics center and provide more comprehensive service support for Infineon in import and export customs clearance, payment settlement and sustainable operation.

With the project's implementation, Infineon's China logistics center will be further upgraded and transformed into a "digital + low-carbon" modern intelligent warehouse, achieving seamless connection between modern customer order management system and packaging and shipping system, thereby improving cargo accuracy rate and on-time delivery.

Infineon is a leading semiconductor company operating in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Infineon's China logistics center is one of its three global logistics centers, making full use of the location advantages and efficient customs clearance and trade facilitation advantages of Pudong Airport Bonded Zone adjacent to the aviation and high-speed railway hubs.

Thanks to a series of innovative development initiatives and continuous exploration and practice, the economy of Pudong Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone has achieved rapid development.

From January to October this year, the Pudong Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone completed an import and export volume of 108.43 billion yuan (US$15.23 billion), an increase of 33.6 percent year-on-year.